Remote tethered shoots are a way for photographers and models to produce high-quality images together without being in the same physical location. I began offering remote shoots as a response to the pandemic to those who were looking to get creative in quarantine last year. Since then I had over a hundred remote shoots with photographers from all over the world. When the shutdown ended I realized this was something I wanted to continue to offer on a permanent basis!


 First, my Nikon D7100 with lenses: 18-55mm (f3,5),  50mm (f1,8), and 55-300mm (f3,5) is set up on a tripod and is connected to my computer using a high-speed USB tethering cable. 

I then launch my tethering software - I use Smart shooter 4. This displays my camera's live view and allows all of the settings and the shutter to be controlled through my computer.

Next, the photographer and I launch a Zoom video chat. I share my screen with them, and then give them remote-control access to my laptop. This allows the photographer to control my mouse as if it is their own, so they can then adjust the camera settings and click the shutter! The camera position and focal length can also be adjusted manually by me according to the photographer's direction, in order to bring their creative vision to life.
When the shoot is complete, all of the RAW or JPG (depending on the wish of the photographer) files are sent by Wetransfer.

As I'm traveling around Europe for 6 months, my remote shoots are done in several locations, depending on where I'm right now. 

These days I'm available for remote shooting in Marbella, where I stay in a very nice apartment with a big terrace and a lovely view. 

My rates can be paid by: 

Paypal to (please send it as a friend to a friend so I avoid paying a transfer fee) 

If you are interested to book, simply contact me by email or IG life_of_nika_. :) 



1st July - 20th September

Lets shoot in my Prague apartment with is fully of day light because of huge windows and is tastefully decorated.