MARBELLA till 3rd April

Come to Marbella and shoot with me in an amazing 4 bedroom villa with character! It has 2 winter gardens, great mountain views, fireplace,  garden with swimming pool and many intersting corners to shoot! 


You can be accommodated in the villa, in a private bedroom with a big cabinet and a bathroom only for your use...

How to get here? 

It's very easy, there are straight flights to the airport of Malaga from every bigger city around the Europe. When you fly in, I will pick you up at the airport and bring you back at the end of your stay. 

How is the weather like here? 

For me, coming from cold Prague, its a paradise! Everyday 15-20 degrees and sunny. Of course we have also rainy days, but for that we have an amazing indoor locations around the villa. :)

How is the covid situation here? 

I'm in Spain for 3 months already and it feels like covid doesn't exist here. Of course you have to have your face mask indoor and be fully vaccinated, but the rest is just as it was before this virus came. That's one of many reasons I like it here so much! :D 

How to book this exceptional shooting? 

Simply contact me by my email , I will send you rates and we can take it from there :)